NEW! McCoy Thumb for Backhoes and Excavators

It’s not a pinned on rigid thumb — It MOVES with the Bucket!

It’s not a hydraulic thumb — It doesn’t require costly hydraulics!

It’s McCoy’s patented “Leverage Force ” Thumb, and you are going to want one.

  • Single lever gripping action automatically adjusts to your load.
  • Works on both backhoes and excavators.
  • Rugged steel construction for years of hassle-free service.
  • Carbide tipped teeth for secure gripping power.
  • Great for rental fleets and large contracting businesses.
  • No auxiliary hydraulics required!
  • Will pick up a single sheet of plywood or rocks up to 8 feet in diameter!
  • Patented “Leverage Force” design only available from McCoy Thumb.
Claw-like design handles up to 8' loads!   Move huge amounts of debris quickly.

How many times have you wanted to pick something up with your backhoe or excavator but just couldn't get a hold on it?

Those days are over with the new McCoy Thumb. This thumb is different than anything you’ve seen before. Most thumbs attach at or near the bucket, limiting their capacity and gripping power. The pinching motion of those “clamshell” style thumbs can actually push the load out as you are trying to pull it up. The McCoy attaches well away from the bucket allowing for an amazing “wrap around” 8 foot stroke! The carbide tipped teeth make it easy to grab and hold rocks. If that’s not enough to impress, the McCoy can also pick up single sheets of plywood. If you own or operate an excavator or backhoe you won’t ever want to work without a McCoy Thumb.

Carbide tipped teeth dig in for a better grip.   "Wrap-around" grabbing power handles odd shapes easily.

7 Key Design Features

  1. The McCoy Thumb will grip and adjust to the size of the load you are lifting. Hydraulic "clamshell" thumbs don’t have the capacity for large loads.

  2. The McCoy Thumb operates off the bucket hydraulics. This patented “Leverage Force” system means you can pick up and release loads with a single lever!

  3. The McCoy Thumb has a claw-like design that opens up to 8 feet wide and works like no other to pick and pull a load of rock or debris. Other brands allow debris to slip as you are pulling and don't allow nearly as large a grab.

  4. The McCoy Thumb comes equipped with 3 long wearing carbide tipped teeth that are inexpensive and easy to replace.

  5. The retracting sliding rails of the McCoy Thumb can easily be pinned in the up position out of your way when you don't need them. Pinned-on rigid thumbs get in the way when digging.

  6. Compared to similar units, The McCoy Thumb is the most competitively priced unit on the market. Because it doesn’t require expensive auxiliary hydraulics, return on investment is short. Most models clamp on and others may require simple welding.

  7. We have thoroughly tested this unit — the only drawback we could find is that sometimes the thumb will grab more than the backhoe or excavator can lift.



Watch these short video clips to see the “McCoy Thumb” in action:

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Click Here to view an article about the McCoy Thumb that was published in Equipment World Magazine.



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